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  Pujas performed at the devasthan  
  Puja   Rates  
  Dhulbhet [first thing to be done after entering the temple premises]   1 coconut and 1 banana for each diety, kanuk min. Rs. 1.25  
  Abhishek and Naivaidya and only Abhishek for other 5 dieties   Rs. 1.25  
  Abhishek and Naivaidya for Shree Shantadurga devi   Rs. 0.75  
  Abhishek for Shree Shantadurga devi
[if not possible to pay as above puja then]
  Rs. 0.25  
  Avartan along with Panchamrut   Rs. 0.17  
  Ekadashni   Rs. 0.50  
  Laghurudra   Rs. 5.50  
  Maharudra [deep aradhana, nityakirtan]   Rs. 75.00  
  Navchandi along with jap   Rs. 1.00  
  Navchandi by offering saree to Shree Shantadurga devi along with acharya puja, godan   Rs. 20.00  
  Navchandi along with havan [sacred fire]   Rs. 25.00  
  Shatchandi [puja at night, deep aradhana]   Rs. 80.00  
  Naivaidya for Panch devatas   Rs. 1.50  
  Naivaidya for Shree Shantadurga devi with food offerings   Rs. 1.50  
  Santarpan to suvasini and kumarika [brahmin married and unmarried women [vadavi]]   Rs. 0.66 for each women/kumarika  
  Saptashi patth [reading]   Rs. 0.50  
  Shree Shantadurga devi puja with behed   Rs. 13.50  
  Ekdari [one door] Shree Shantadurga devi puja   Rs. 13.50  
  Dondari [two door] Shree Shantadurga devi puja   Rs. 25.50  
  Nandadeep puja every month   Rs. 5.00  
  Deep Aradhana on temple top dome [ghud]   24 ltrs til/coconut oil as per market rate  
  Deep Aradhana on deep sthambh [light pillar]   32 ltrs til/coconut oil as per market rate Rs. 0.50  
  Tulabhar [empty]   Rs. 1.00  
  Kumkummarchan sahastra [1000 kumkum puja]   Rs. 1.00  
  Kumkummarchan ashtottar sahastra [108 - 1000 times i.e [108000 times] kumkum puja]   Rs. 0.33  
  Dampatya snan [couple bath] for Shree Mangesh and Shree Shantadurga devi together   Rs. 3.00